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Phoenix Medical Systems is a manufacturer of infant and maternal care products and assistive devices. Phoenix was created in 1989 with the goal of providing cost-effective and innovative neonate-care solutions. The mission of Phoenix continues to be to provide solutions that match the best in the world at very affordable prices.

The Phoenix range of maternal and infant care products includes warming systems, jaundice management units, respiratory care equipment and obstetric and gynaecological tables. Phoenix also makes Smartcane, an electronic travel aid, refreshable Braille readers and standing wheelchairs.

Phoenix products are used at thousands of hospitals across India and in 32 countries in Africa, Europe, the Asia Pacific region, South America and the Middle East.
Vision Statement
To be recognized as the leading company providing affordable solutions to make the child birth process and the care of the neonate safe and painless experiences resulting in

Child intact survival | Family happiness | Medical personnel satisfaction

Mission Statement
Appropriate innovative and affordable solutions, both in products and services, for maternal and infant care.

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Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing , quality testing and control related to all Phoenix products are carried out at the company’s state-of-the-art plant at Sriperumbudur ,Kanchipuram, India.Maternal care products are manufactured and tested at Phoenix’s plant at Pondicherry, India.

The plant in Thirumudivakkam, Chennai, India has been converted to a fully fledged research and development and training centre.

Management Team

V. Sashi Kumar

V. Sashi Kumar is an innovator, with an M.S. in Entrepreneurship from IIT Madras. Sashi Kumar has also attended the Business Leadership Programme at IIM Calcutta. He founded Phoenix Medical Systems in 1989. Under his stewardship, the company, started with minimal investment, became the leading biomedical manufacturer in India.

Sashi Kumar is the innovator par excellence. Sashi insists that Phoenix products should meet international standards and be affordable at the same time. Sashi Kumar’s enterprise, innovation and social contributions have gained wide recognition. To give just one example, he was invited to contribute as an author to the State of India’s Newborns 2014 report, published by the Public Health Foundation of India.

Smitha Sashikumar

Mrs Smitha Sashi Kumar is an alumna of the renowned PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore. She was instrumental in laying a strong foundation for Phoenix to build on by framing the protocols at the company. She was at the helm of the initiative that Phoenix undertook to create awareness among the public on the importance of breast feeding.

Smitha Sashi Kumar provides vital inputs in product development, and her contributions are behind the wide acceptance that Phoenix products enjoy among the user community. She plays a key role at Phoenix, and her HR management skills are widely appreciated.


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